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Published on May 22, 2019, by in beiheng.

Making ribbon crafts are a fun way to use ribbon leftovers of all colors and designs that you might have lying around. It’s a shame to toss out all those beautiful scraps, so why not make something with them? Here are a few simple project ideas for using your ribbon scraps. Greeting Cards-Small pieces of ribbon are perfect for greeting cards. Ribbon is a great little embellishment to add to your card. Ribbon can be attached to a greeting card using glue, double-sided tape, or even staples. Just a small patch of ribbon can add pizzazz to your card, giving it that custom look.Ribbon Flowers-Ribbon flowers are another fun ribbon craft. Take a strip of ribbon and wrap it around in your hand in loops while holding your fingers at the center so it doesn’t come apart. Use a stapler to attach it together in the center in a flower shape. If desired, add more ribbon colors in the same fashion on top.  Staple them as well. To cover up your center staples, glue or sew a button in the center. Now you’ve got ribbon flowers to use for embellishing a greeting card, a scrapbook layout or even a sewing project.Scrapbook Pages-Use ribbon to decorate and embellish scrapbook pages. One example is to sew or glue a strip of ribbon down the length of a page as an accent piece. Another idea is to create a ribbon ruffle for your scrapbook page.

To do this, sew a seam all the way down a length of ribbon, right in the middle and without backstitching at the front or back ends. Hold both ends of the thread in your two hands and gently pull. You will see a ruffle gradually appear. Make it as tight or loose as you would like and tie knots in the thread at both ends to keep it from unraveling.Ribbon Display/Storage-A fun display item for scrap pieces of ribbon is to put them in a pretty jar. A canning jar is perfect for this. Decorate by putting a cute label on the outside, some ribbon around the neck and a paper label for the lid. Put it on a shelf in your craft studio as a pretty display item. This is also a great ribbon storage idea. You could get equal sized jars and put one set of ribbon colors in each jar. They will be nicely organized as well as look nice too!Visit this:Herringbone Ribbons Manufacturers

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High security paper shredders aren’t hard to come by these  days.  But what about NSA approved  destruction of other materials?  The HSM  Nanoshred 726 offers the secure disposal of code punched tapes in a conveniently  compact machine.  This small device will  efficiently shred tape into tiny enough pieces to rate a high level 6 security,  meeting all standards for high security tape destruction.  Here is a look at the strengths and  weaknesses of the Nanoshred.  Strengths:    Petite dimensions allow this machine to be  stored just about anywhere.  Sitting only  10 inches tall, it could easily reside on a desktop for instant access.

And since it only weighs 27 pounds, it is  simple to move around if needed.Smallness doesn’t diminish convenience on this  machine.  The same automatic start and  stop mechanism seen in larger HSM devices is found on here, allowing you to  simply slide the tape in and let the shredder do the rest for you.  An LED panel, as well as an auto stop, lets  you know if the waste container is full, open, or removed.  If the tape jams, the blades will reverse it  back to you for easy clearing.The motor sits in standby when not in use to  save electricity.  It utilizes a powerful  closed wheel drive transmission for high performance, allowing extended periods  of use.  Thermal protection keeps the  engine from overheating.  This system  prevents dirt penetration and slows down wear, which in turn increases the  service life of your shredder.The narrow 1.5 inch throat is ideal for the  shredding of code punched tape.  It  shreds one at a time as fast as 17.8 feet per minute.  The particles remaining measure 0.7mm by  2.6mm, small enough to earn a level 6 security rating.  These pieces have passed DOD and NSA approval  for high security tape destruction.Tiny tape bits fall into a 1.4 gallon shred  bin.  The bin is housed in a pull-out  drawer for easy disposal of the waste.HSM provides a one year warranty on this  product.  Weaknesses:    This is a specialty shredder and as such can  only shred tape.  This means nothing else  should be fed into the blades, including paper, document fasteners, credit  cards, and CDs.  For the destruction of  these items, HSM offers a full range of paper  and media shredders.The motor isn’t rated for continuous  operation.

This means that after a time  of heavy use, the engine will shut down for a cool off period.  It keeps your motor from burning out and  prolongs the life of your shredder.   Simply wait a few minutes and then begin shredding again as normal.  There are industrial machines on the market  that can continuously shred tapes and other items; however they lack the high  security rating this device offers.  The HSM Nanoshred 726 is an ideal system for  disposing of highly classified tape.  As  such, it would be an excellent supplemental shredder in any government or  military facility.  With DOD and NSA  approval, you can be sure all confidential tape material is securely  destroyed.  We think the Nanoshred is a  great high security addition for any office.For more details,you can visit:China Wholesale Printed Cotton

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Overview:  The Powis Parker Fastback8x is an adhesive tape-binding system that is designed for creatinghighly professional documents that are up to 12″ in length.Withthe Fastback 8x organizations have the ability to tape bind documentsthat are up to 250 pages thick. Or you can use this system to createprofessional quality hard bound documents.Plus, using thismachine it is possible to produce finished documents over three timesfaster than conventional punch and bind machines.    Features/ Strengths:  TheFasback 8x tape binding machine is incredibly simple to operate. Infact, it only has three buttons. One button controls the settings, onebutton is used for editing documents and the third button is used toactivate the machine. Users can even save their settings so that it ispossible to bind documents with the simple press of one button.

Buyingsupplies for this machine is extremely easy. Just two sizes of stripsallow you to bind documents from a few pages up to an inch thick. Thiscuts down on the inventory of supplies that you will need to carry foryour binding machine. Gone are the days of having to buy ten or twelvesizes of spines to bind your documents.The Fastback 8x is anextremely versatile machine. It provides users with the ability tocreate tape bound soft cover documents and hardbound reports on onemachine. You can also purchase strips with different colors andtextures to help complement your organizations brand image. You caneven use the 8x in conjunction with the Powis Parker Foilfast Printerwhich allows users to produce personalized foil-printed title-sheetsand covers for their documents.The 8x is small and portable.Measuring only 13″ X 19.5″ this machine is easy to store when not inuse and can be easily transported to and from job sites.     Limitations/ Weaknesses:  TheFastback 8x cannot be used to bind large or thick documents. It islimited to documents with a binding edge that is less than 12″ withless than 250 sheets of paper.

Organizations that need to handle largerdocuments may want to consider the 15xs which can bind longer andlarger documents.Unfortunately, the Fastback 8x is not veryedit-friendly. Adding or removing multiple pages after the document isbound can be difficult. It works out ok for users who need to add orremove one or two pages from their books.The machine isexcellent for binding most standard paper stocks. However, it does haveproblems adhering to some thick and glossy paper stocks. Furthermore,full bleed full coverage printed documents sometimes may have meltingissues due to the high temperatures needed to bind.    Construction:  The Fastback 8x is made primarily from plastic and is both stylish and contemporary. It measures 13″ X 19.5″ and has a metal document slot and durable metal internal components.    Recommendation:  The Fastback 8x is great for a small office or home office that needs to bind up to 50 documents per week.It is easy to use, stylish, compact and helps to provide a contemporary and professional look for your documents and reports. This makes this machine a great choice for departments that are responsible for binding their own documents.However,organizations that need to bind documents that are thicker than 250sheets, longer than twelve inches or who want a greater selection ofsupplies may want to look at the fastback 15xs.ribbon bow Suppliers


Draping is an important part of fashion design. The method includes positioning and stitching fabric to develop a soft structure. If draping is done right, it can transform the way a garment looks. Draping techniques are taught in most fashion designing courses in Pune and other cities across India. Learning to drape a fabric properly requires practice so that designers can understand exact fittings, falls and fullness of various types of fabrics. When deciding on the right fabric to use, designers need to consider various aspects of the fabric such as the material and GSM.

This plays a significant role in how it will drape on a garment. Flexible materials like chiffon, satin, and silk are great fabrics to use when you want to create a draping effect. However, as new designers, it’s best if you experiment with various fabrics to understand and see how they hang. There are various aspects that you can check to understand how a fabric will fall. Start by checking the thickness and stiffness of the fabric and then move on to using a drape meter. Drape meters are used to determine a drape coefficient. It is the ratio of pleating formed by a piece of fabric. The higher the drape coefficient the lower the fabric drapability. For instance, satin and muslin have a good ratio than hosiery. Draping is usually done in sections i.e.: the front and back bodice, front and back skirt, etc. and only the right side of the garment is draped unless the garment is supposed to be asymmetrical. Those aiming to design high fashion, couture fashion, and evening dresses must learn how to drape fabric since most garments are created through draping. Another important factor fashion designers need to think about is how the fabric will move on the wearer’s body.

It’s important to create a corset with space for ease of movement and then add complex draping details on top of the corset. All this information might make draping seem daunting and tedious but it’s one of the most creative aspects of fashion designing. Many designing colleges in Pune and all over India take the time to teach their students the art of draping. This is because they understand that the essence of fashion is experimenting with fabrics and patterns. Playing with different fabrics and witnessing how it folds and hangs on the body is a great way to create something that you could never draw on your sketchbook:Cotton Manufacturers